About Us

Hedgerow Press is located in North Saanich, a rural area at the tip of a peninsula just north of Victoria, BC.

The press was founded in 2004, with a name chosen to reflect the pastoral nature of North Saanich. Many of the country roads in the municipality are lined with hedges of wild shrubs and plants, such as Indian plum, hawthorne, wild roses, snowberries and, of course, the ubiquitous blackberry.

The mission of Hedgerow Press echoes the role of this landscape feature. We are grounded in this community: our aim is to promote B.C. writers and artists, to create paperback books that are too beautiful to throw away and to offer in their subject-matter and illustrations nourishment for mind and spirit.

It is a happy coincidence that the office of Hedgerow Press lies across the road from the property where Gray Campbell started his publishing company in 1962, becoming the first full-time book publisher west of the Rockies. Although, like Hedgerow Press, Gray’s Publishing planned at first to put out only one book a year, the project grew until the list contained over 70 titles, brought out in a twenty-year period.

The editorial board of Hedgerow Press:

  • Joan Coldwell (publisher)
  • M.A.C. Farrant
  • Louise Hager
  • Ann Saddlemyer
  • Colin Smythe
  • Rachel Wyatt

Our titles

Hedgerow Press: 10876 Madrona Dr, North Saanich BC, V8L 5N9 · Phone: 250-656-9320 · E-Mail: hedgep@telus.net