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Apples Under the Bed: Recollections and Recipes from B.C. Writers and Artists

About the Book

This collection of original essays by B.C. writers and artists throws light on little-known aspects of their lives and creativity. Invited to reflect on how and when they learnt to cook, the authors responded in a variety of styles, some comic, some moving, all illuminating. The book will be welcomed by proponents of “slow food”: it includes recipes remembered from earlier times and far-flung places, from Scotland to India, from northern B.C. to war-time England, from Armenia to the prairies, from Finland to eastern Canada and the U.S. Among the thirty contributors are Pat Martin Bates, Shushan Egoyan, Bill Gaston, Pauline Holdstock, Catherine Jameson, Don McKay, P.K. Page, Briony Penn, Manish Om Prakash, Carole Sabiston, Phyllis Serota, Fred Wah and Rachel Wyatt. With full-colour illustrations from the artists, the book is a unique compendium of art, memoirs and cookery.

Cover and text design by Frances Hunter.


“It is a fascinating foray–indeed a geographical tour–into the backgrounds of these artists and writers.”

“Top pick for cooks who like arts and literature. For some, cookbooks are not only something you cook from, but also something you sit down, read and enjoy nowhere near the kitchen.”
Victoria Times-Colonist

About the Editor

Joan Coldwell was formerly a professor of English and director of Women’s Studies at McMaster University. She has also worked as book page editor and columnist for the Victoria Times and as a food writer and radio producer. She is the founder and publisher of Hedgerow Press.

About the Cover Artist

Jennifer Waelti-Walters is a retired professor of contemporary French literature at the University of Victoria. She is an Associate of the Victoria College of Art, where she studied for three years. She has had a number of exhibitions of her paintings but is best known as a print-maker, interested in figures and movement. Her work has been exhibited in Japan, Spain, Bulgaria and France as well as in many Canadian galleries. The image of Cox's Orange Pippins was created specially for this cover. Learn more at jwaelti-walters.com

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