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Simply Love: A Family Cookbook

About the Book

Simplicity is the latest buzz-word in the culinary world. Forget exotic ingredients, elaborate preparation, elegant plating: the trend now is for healthy, delicious food, prepared and served with a minimum of fuss.

Ginny Love cooks this way naturally. A busy mother of four herself, with a background in catering and running a restaurant, she has developed recipes and methods for making food preparation simple. Her tasty meals don’t take all day to prepare and are thoroughly enjoyed by even the youngest children.

Ginny has always believed that eating meals as a family helps children grow into well-adjusted, socially responsible adults. She does not advocate separate mealtimes for infants: they can enjoy the family experience from their high chairs. Although busy schedules and activities mean that it is often impossible for everyone to be at the table together, the Love family aims to share mealtimes whenever they can.

This family cookbook introduces a real family, whose activities, likes and dislikes helped shape the recipes. Hamish is in his first year at university, Cameron is at high school, Duncan in Grade 8 and Maggie in Grade 6. Husband Gordon is a Vancouver lawyer; he and the children are Ginny’s biggest fans and discriminating judges of every meal she cooks. Ginny’s own activities led to the chapters on planning community meals; these are bound to be of interest to anyone called upon to contribute to such occasions.

The first-time cook will find it helpful to be led by Ginny through all the stages of planning Christmas dinner or making jam, as well as to learn what utensils are most helpful in the kitchen. Simplicity and the functional are key here too. The book is full of helpful hints, tried and true recipes and love of food, family and friends.

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About the Author

Ginny Love has made cooking her business for almost all her life, from the age of twelve, when she sold her baked goods at the Saturday market on Salt Spring Island, to the years when she worked part time for the catering company Major the Gourmet, to her days as co-owner of a Vancouver café, to present times where, though a busy mother of four, she makes upwards of 300 fruit cakes for loyal customers every fall.

Born in Vancouver, Ginny studied at the Cordon Bleu School in London, England, at La Varenne Cookery School in France, and at the University of British Columbia, where she took a degree in French. For five years from 1987 she co-owned and operated The Cooking Company, a café and catering business on Vancouver’s West Broadway. She now cooks for family and friends, helps organize school pot lucks and works on recipes for close to 100 guests at a weekly community lunch.

Ginny lives with her family in Vancouver, B.C.

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