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This collection of short pieces, story-like in their structure, introduces the character Mimi, who at other times in her life has been known variously as Margaret, Maggie, Marg, Meg, and Mrs Richardson.

In recounting Mimi’s banal activities on an ordinary day–shopping, caring for cats, taking a shower–P.K.Page pushes beyond the boundaries of the mundane to explore some of the deepest questions perplexing the human mind.

These seemingly simple narratives explore such profound subjects as life after death, extra-terrestrial manifestation, out-of-the-body experiences and, in particular, the meaning of personal identity and human consciousness.

With the eye of the visual artist and the power of the poet’s word, P.K. Page creates small jewels of prose, self-contained in themselves but linked by a memorable character to form the literary equivalent of a musical fugue.

ISBN 978-0-9736882-8-3
64 pages

About The Author

P.K. Page

Born in England in 1916, P. K. Page moved to Alberta with her family at age 3. She established her reputation early as a poet of the Montreal group, with her first collection As Ten as Twenty published in 1946. Since then she has written more than 30 books of poetry, fiction, essays and children’s literature.

Her poetry collections include Planet Earth (2002), The Hidden Room (1997) and The Metal and the Flower (1954), which won the Governor General’s Award. An early novel, first published under a pseudonym in 1944, was re-issued as The Sun Moon and other Fictions (1973).

Among her non-fiction works is The Brazilian Journal (1987), which gives a vivid account of the time she spent in Brazil with her husband W. Arthur Irwin, who was Canadian ambassador to that country. Accompanying him also for terms in Australia and Mexico, she found in those countries new inspiration as a painter. As P.K. Irwin she was a renowned artist, with work displayed in the National Gallery of Canada and other public and private collections.

Recipient of eight honorary degrees, P.K. Page was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, a member of the Order of British Columbia and a Companion of the Order of Canada. Since 1964 she lived in Victoria, B.C., where she died at home on 14 January, 2010.

Author photograph by:
Marilyn Bowering

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